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Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is the science of restoring the arm and hand to its full function.

It assists people in recovering the loss of hand function by using proven methods and techniques.

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Spinal Care

At Torbay Physiotherapy and Hand therapy our specialist physios will talk to you about how your spine has become sore and what we can do to help you manage or relieve your pain. We will help you understand the anatomy of your spine and the effect varying postures and activities have on your neck and back.

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Post OP Rehab

Our experienced physiotherapists have handled a wide variety of post-operative rehabilitations and understand the importance of getting your lifestyle back on track.

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Sports Injury Physio

Our specialist physios treat all sports injuries for people of all ages, applying the most up to date research, techniques and skills to develop sport-specific strength and conditioning rehabilitation programs.

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Arthritis Treatment

We use proven techniques to restore movement and function of painful joints.

When you come in we will talk to you about your medical history and assess your affected joint(s) to see how it is affecting your lifestyle.

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Latest News

September 2021

Jan and Christina recently attended the New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapy conference in Rotorua themed "back to the future". This course covered a range of topics from osteoarthritis to disorders of the neck. It really raised the awareness of seeking early treatment and advice after a concussion to reduce long term symptoms such as neck pain, headaches and dizziness.
They had a blast and loved the excuse to get dressed up!

New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapy Conference

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