Arthritis Treatment

We use proven techniques to restore movement and function of painful joints.

When you come in we will talk about your medical history and assess your affected joint(s) and how it is affecting your lifestyle.

This helps us make a plan to help get you back to all your normal activities whether they are interests like gardening or golf, or practical everyday tasks like managing cooking and cleaning.

Treatment may include massage, therapeutic ultrasound, joint mobilization, strapping, and stretching/strengthening programs. As part of your treatment we may give you a written exercise program.It is important that these exercises are completed as prescribed in order to maintain strength and mobility.

We can help you understand and manage your arthritis in order to minimize its impact on your life. We offer personalized programs with ongoing support via email and phone.

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Latest News

September 2021

Jan and Christina recently attended the New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapy conference in Rotorua themed "back to the future". This course covered a range of topics from osteoarthritis to disorders of the neck. It really raised the awareness of seeking early treatment and advice after a concussion to reduce long term symptoms such as neck pain, headaches and dizziness.
They had a blast and loved the excuse to get dressed up!

New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapy Conference

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