Hand therapy on the North Shore

Hands, with their intricate movements and dexterity, allow us to express emotion, write, draw, play musical instruments, participate in sports, and build our futures around us in so many ways. 

Appreciating just how wonderful hands are is why we are so focussed on helping our patients maintain and preserve hand function and dexterity. Hand problems left unattended can lead to long-lasting damage and functional deficits. So, if you need help, it is important you seek early treatment from our experienced hand therapists.

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What we treat


Sporting and general injuries


Finger strains


Tennis elbow


Golfer’s elbow


Carpal tunnel


Hand fractures


Thumb sprains


Distal radius fractures

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Trigger finger


Mallet injuries


Pre- and post-surgical management


Post-surgical Dupuytrens Contracture




Mallet injuries


Wound care - scar and swelling management

How we care for hands


Splinting (off-the-shelf or custom made)


Range of motion, strengthening and conditioning exercises


Nerve rehabilitation (sensation testing, desensitisation and nerve gliding)


Therapeutic ultrasound


Wound dressings, scar and swelling (oedema) management


Heat/cold therapies (including paraffin wax)

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Hand injuries

Injuries to the hand can really impact on your ability to engage with your normal activities, such as sport, school, gardening, and jobs around the home.

Our highly qualified hand therapists treat all sports and general hand injuries using a range of treatment strategies, which may include range of motion and strengthening exercises, massage, and customised splinting of the affected area. 

Following an in-depth initial consultation, your hand therapist will devise an individualised, activity-specific, rehabilitation programme based on best evidence and up-to-date clinical skills.

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Pre- and post-hand surgery

Our hand therapy supports you with both pre- and post-hand surgery. We provide pre- and post-management for a wide range of hand conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture, surgically managed hand and arm fractures, and many more. 

Get help with wound care, scar management, swelling management, splinting and movement exercises. 

When you attend treatment with us at our Torbay physiotherapy clinic, we ask that you please bring any information relating to your surgery with you, such as surgical notes, ACC details, X-ray or other imaging reports and hospital discharge summaries. 

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Hand arthritis can be a very debilitating condition, affecting your ability to perform daily functions like writing, opening jar lids or using tools.

We use a range of modalities to help manage arthritic joints, including splinting, paraffin wax therapy, massage and movement and strengthening exercises. 

Lifestyle changes can help minimise joint aggravation and our therapists can advise on modifications to daily activities for a better quality of life.

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Wound care

Effective wound care encourages successful healing of the skin and surrounding tissues by creating a healthy wound environment. 

Our hand therapists are trained in the provision of wound care. Your therapist will guide you through this process and provide the necessary treatment modalities at each of these phases, enabling you to better understand the different phases of wound healing.

Wound care can involve the removal of stitches, replacing wound dressings, splinting, oedema management, motion exercises and scar management.

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Splinting / Braces

As part of your hand therapy, splinting of the affected area; fingers, hands, wrists or elbows, is often required to rest and protect the injured joints and allow optimal function. 

We can provide off-the-shelf braces or create custom splints to suit your purpose.

Don’t compromise yourself.

When it comes to your hands, give yourself the best hand therapy available.

Hands, wrists, forearms, and elbows are vulnerable to injury, because of where they are and because of the complex activities we ask of them. Whether through repetitive use, acute trauma, or disease, being left without the full use of hands can wreak havoc on people’s daily lives. 

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