Frequently asked questions about our physio treatments and hand therapy

What are your opening hours?
The clinic is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8.00am-5:00pm and Wednesday 8.00am-6.00pm. Please call us on 09 4730333 to make an appointment.
Do you do ACC work?

Yes. We can lodge a claim with ACC for our hand therapy and physio treatments with you, should this be appropriate. You will be required to fill in an ACC form in our clinic which will be sent to ACC for consideration.

How much does it cost?

Physiotherapy treatments under ACC are partly funded, there is therefore a standard surcharge in our clinic.  From 1 November 2022, we also have a surcharge for Hand therapy treatment under ACC. Please call reception for further details regarding treatment cost.

Do I need a referral to visit a physio or hand therapist at your Torbay clinic?

No, you do not require a referral; you can contact us directly. If we need more information from your medical team, we are happy to contact them with your permission.

When do I need to start coming to physio or for hand therapy?

If you have been referred by a specialist or GP, they will usually advise as to when you can start your hand therapy or physio treatments. If you have not been advised, give us a call and we can work it out for you.

What should I wear?

Consider wearing comfortable clothes that allow for movement, as treatment will often require moving around. 

We have gowns and shorts available, but you may be more comfortable in your own clothing. 

If you have hurt your back, neck or shoulder, choose a shirt that is easily removed so that we can view your spine during assessment of these joints. 

If you have injured your hip, knee or ankle, please wear or bring shorts with you to aid in our assessment and treatment process.

How long do physio and hand treatments take and how often will I need to come in?

Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for the first treatment. During your first physiotherapy treatment you will have a full assessment from which the physiotherapist / hand therapist will be able to provide an indication of how often you will need to come in. Follow-up consults generally take 30 minutes. 

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please bring in any x-rays or MRI reports along with any written information from the GP, specialist or hospital. If you don’t have any of this information don’t worry, we can get it once you give us your consent to do so.

Can I bring a support person with me?

Yes. We are happy for you to bring a support person or Whanau member with you to treatment. However, to ensure sufficient space in the consultation room for treatment, we ask that you try limit this to 1-2 support people.

Will treatment be painful?

Initially we will work with you to relieve pain. You may experience some discomfort during your treatment once we start trying to improve movement. However, we always respect your comfort levels and work within your tolerances.

Is it normal to feel pain after treatment?

There may be some short-term discomfort after certain treatment modalities. Your therapist will provide information regarding what symptoms you might expect after your treatment. If you are unsure or concerned about your symptoms, please get in contact with us.

Are you able to provide referrals to specialists or for imaging?

Yes. Our therapists are able to refer you to specialists (such as Orthopaedic and Sports Specialists) as well as refer for imaging (X-rays or Ultrasounds) as appropriate. The decision for onwards referral will be made based on a detailed assessment and consultation with you regarding your injury and specific needs. 

Will my health insurance cover my treatment costs?

This depends on your insurer and the policy you are on. Please check your cover with your insurance provider before attending treatment. 

If you are ensured by Southern Cross, our reception staff are able to process your claim on your behalf through their “easy claim” system. Please inquire at reception for further information about this service. 

Can I pay for physiotherapy treatments privately?

Yes, you can always pay privately, without the involvement of outside agencies or insurers.

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