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Our expert physiotherapy team treats a wide range of injuries and conditions. We’re here to help your recovery and to reduce your risk of injury reccurrence, which is why rehabilitation and preventive strategies are such an important part of our service to you

Have you been in an accident or suffered a sports-related injury? We are dedicated to resolving your pain and providing a pathway forward to prevent reccurrence through a proven, diverse approach to injury rehabilitation.

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Tailored physiotherapy care

Since no two injuries are the same, and no two people are exactly alike, our expert staff creates a tailored rehabilitation and recovery plan for each patient. The best rehabilitation starts with an accurate diagnosis, so our team sits, asks questions, and listens, before employing evidence-based best practice to help you get back to doing what you love.

Physiotherapy treatments with us may include massage, ice/heat therapy, joint mobilisation, rigid and kinesio taping, therapeutic ultrasound, stretching, strengthening and conditioning programmes.

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General musculoskeletal injuries

Lifting boxes, weeding in the garden or stepping off a curb the wrong way: we can injure ourselves and experience pain doing tasks as simple as these.

At Torbay Physio and Hand Therapy, our staff understands just how much these injuries can impact on your day-to-day activities. Therefore, our physiotherapy treatments don’t just treat the injury, we work with you to help promote better lifestyle choices to promote effective healing.

Patients are never treated as just a number. We take the time to listen and are determined to work alongside you to help get you back doing the things that make your life uniquely yours. 

Physiotherapy treatments with us may include massage, ice/heat therapy, joint mobilisation, rigid and kinesio taping, therapeutic ultrasound, stretching, strengthening and conditioning programmes.

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Sports injuries

From weekend walkers, golf fanatics to award-winning athletes, we treat all sports injuries for people of all ages. Our staff are here to help you get back to doing what you love by applying the most up-to-date research, techniques and skills to develop sport-specific strength and conditioning rehabilitation programmes.

The first time you come in, we will take a detailed account of how and when your injury occurred before we examine the affected area; joints, muscles or soft tissues. This allows us to assess the bio-mechanics of the limb involved. Next, we’ll discuss your sporting goals and put together a treatment programme that is specific to you and your sport. We can also arrange ultrasound scans, x-rays and specialist opinions and referrals, if required.

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Arthritis care

Do you suffer from joint stiffness and bad joint pain, or stiff joints in the morning? Are you seeking relief from aching hips and creaking knees? We use proven techniques to restore movement and function of painful joints.

When you come to see us at our Torbay clinic, in order to get you back to your normal activities, whether they be gardening, golf, tennis or practical everyday tasks like managing cooking and cleaning, we will talk with you about your medical history, assess your affected joints and examine how the Arthritis is affecting your lifestyle. This allows us to make the right plan to help you understand and manage your arthritis so that together, we can minimise its impact on your life.

Treatments may include massage, therapeutic ultrasound, joint mobilisation, strapping, and stretching/strengthening programmes. As part of your treatment, and to support healthy joint mobility and flexibility in your daily physical activity, we may give you a written exercise programme.

Imagine getting back to doing the things you love: golf, gardening, walks with your partner or playing with your grandchildren, without the pain. Get the right arthritis treatment that’s tailored to you and get back to the life you love. 

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Pre- and Post-Surgical

Getting your lifestyle smoothly back on track after surgery is important. Our experienced physiotherapists treat a wide variety of conditions pre- and post-operatively. We’re here to help educate you about the surgery, expectations, and the rehab process to follow. 

We have specialised programmes for:

  • Shoulder surgery
  • Knee surgery
  • Ankle surgery
  • Hip surgery

After gaining a medical history and detailed account of what has led up to your surgery, we will assess your condition and make up a personalised treatment plan. Following surgery, we will stay in touch with your surgeon, and with you, to ensure your rehabilitation management plans are implemented and monitored correctly.

Post-op plans may include relief of any pain and swelling, mobilisation of joints, and a muscle stretching and strengthening programme. Exercises at home are a vital part of any rehab plan as they help to ensure your success.

At Torbay Physio you’ll get the continuity of support that is so important to getting you back to your chosen activities as quickly as possible.

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