Telehealth consulting

Telehealth is an individual hand therapy or physio video call or phone consultation. When you chat to one of our experienced physiotherapists or hand therapists, you will get a detailed assessment and diagnosis, expert advice, and a personalised recovery programme; all from the comfort of your own home.

Our staff is well versed in remote telehealth consulting and has been using this form of treatment since 2020. We provide both video and phone consultations. We prefer to conduct video consultations, as opposed to physio phone consultations, so we can provide a more accurate assessment and diagnosis.

Although we cannot provide hands-on therapy as part of our telehealth consultations, our injury diagnosis and treatment processes are exactly the same.


If you would like a telehealth appointment, please fill in the appropriate form below and email it to us.

physio over the phone
physio online

If you would like a Telehealth appointment, please fill in the appropriate telehealth consent form for yourself or as a guardian for someone in your care and email it to

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